6 tips to remove blackheads and keep the face clean

6 tips to remove blackheads and keep the face clean
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Many people do not know but the cause of the formation of pimples, blackheads or acne on the face, is a high level of stress. This state is transformed into inflammatory pathways that cause acne outbreaks. There are also other causes that determine pimples on the skin, menstruation, the makeup of irritating compounds, is use of medications and even genetics itself.
Either way has acquired a complexion marked by black dots, the truth is that they represent an unpleasant phenomenon, which can become a social problem, because people who suffer from pimples, feel, in most of the cases , rejection, shame and often have more of an inconvenience to relate to others. For this reason, this article brings several ideas on how to remove blackheads and improve is look on his face.

Ways to Remove and Prevent Blackheads Skin

A good skin exfoliation is a good start, of course it is better if not overdone. For example, you have to choose soft, natural exfoliating products for a procedure without risk of dryness. It is best to avoid those treatments with aggressive products that, ultimately, can cause more irritation and inflammation which had, leading to breakouts and other conditions worsen is skin condition.
Good nutrition can be vital to remove blackheads or at least to prevent its occurrence. Although food can not directly cause acne, for many people the food they eat themselves are causing skin conditions. In any form, the ideal is to maintain a balanced diet and healthy as possible, that is, lots of fruit and vegetables, fresh foods instead of fatty foods, filled with oil or butter. Avoiding such foods that can affect your face, it is a big step to eradicate skin problems.
Where possible we must avoid the common practice of removing the pimple with nails. Tighten or espichar the skin to remove fat, it can only leave as a result, scarring, redness, swelling and even greater skin infection, because nails usually walk dirty. The recommended approach is to apply a hot compress to eliminate pimples that loosen the fat plug. Then you need to take two clean cotton flakes to remove pimples, are placed one on each side of the black dot, gentle pressure is applied and uniform inward. If you exit a ball of fat, it is carefully removed, if not, do not touch, probably still is not ready to leave.
It is necessary to minimize stress. In addition, it is efficient washing sheets and pillowcases at least once a week in hot water to not be sleeping between bacteria water. It should also wash makeup brushes and often favors much cleaned with shampoo, rinse and hang with the bristles down for better drying. Drinking plenty of water helps to remove impurities from the body. Some areas of the face such as the forehead, nose and chin, called the T-zone, may be more prone to fat than the rest of the face. To avoid grain output should be washed with a non-greasy cleaner.
When grains are red, generally become inflamed lesions and having a center flat white pus. These occur when the skin produces too much oil or fat and ends up forming the shin. This results in a clogged pore. A cleanup plan to remove pimples can start with the application of a cream or a moisturizing mask will help keep the skin under control. This will help exfoliate the skin for these sticky cells clog pores. Women may also consider birth control to help regulate hormones and reduce the level of production of testosterone pills, which triggers acne.
The ideal is to live as relaxed as possible. Anxiety and stress can cause the adrenal glands to develop more hormones that can cause acne and forcing them to suddenly explode. If it is a busy and stressed person, seek more time for you to take a walk, exercise, yoga or any other discipline that may be useful to you.