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How to Avoid Food Poisoning in Summer ?

How to Avoid Food Poisoning in Summer ?
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When summer arrives dietary patterns change and menus dominated salads, fresh produce and sauces – especially mayonnaise – which become the focus of numerous food poisoning. This phenomenon occurs every year despite the recommendations given in both health agencies and the media. Why is not more remember again and influence especially in two basic aspects: food preservation and hygiene when handling.

Precautions homemade mayonnaise

No doubt the mayonnaise is one of the main sources of food poisoning in the summer, although the knowledge of their storage conditions has decreased the risk of this sauce commonly used in various menus of summer. In any case we should remember some tips for preparation and especially for conservation. A basic ingredient of mayonnaise are eggs and so the following precautions should be considered:

  1. Should check the expiry date which normally contained in egg itself or packaging.
  2. Eggs should be stored in the refrigerator and should not be washed at the store because moisture can facilitate the entry of microorganisms. However, they must be washed, if necessary, immediately before use to make mayonnaise.
  3. To break the egg is convenient to use the edge of the container where it is to beat, or in this case prepare mayonnaise. In any case it is important to prevent them from falling pieces of shell.
  4. Finally, it is essential to maintain maximum hygiene both hands and utensils used.

In addition to these tips on the use of eggs, it is advisable to prepare the mayonnaise with a minimum consumption advance. To facilitate preservation should add a few drops of lemon or vinegar. In any case it should be kept in the refrigerator and not be consumed if 24 hours have elapsed since its preparation. In restaurants, as is known, should industrial mayonnaises used or develop them with pasteurized egg products to replace fresh egg.

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Summer tips when eating at restaurants

In summer it is common to eat in bars or restaurants near the beach. In these foods should be considered some tips to avoid poisoning:

  1. Although the legislation concerning mayonnaise used in restaurants is strict, it is advisable to avoid eating dishes that carry this particular sauce and potato salad.
  2. Should generally be avoided consuming dishes with egg on their development, as the risk of infection because they are little cuajados is high. Check the ingredients or portions already prepared, they kept in refrigerated display cases.
  3. Salads is preferable prepare yourself and avoid with sauces, fish or seafood.
  4. While in the water is good, better ask for mineral water and closed the bottle arrives at the table.

General tips for cooking in summer

Besides precautions when mayonnaise and tips for eating out is made, there are a number of basic tips that you should consider when cooking in summer:

  1. Hygiene is essential and therefore should wash their hands before cooking and all times as necessary during the preparation of the food. Also should wash utensils and the surface on which it is cooked.
  2. Avoid mixing raw and cooked food and using the same utensils both the development and conservation.
  3. A key tip is to make sure that food does not remain raw inside, especially meat, eggs or fish.
  4. Once prepared the food kept in the refrigerator as soon as possible
  5. Finally, the expiration date must be respected, although some products there may be some room once after the date.

Although it is difficult to strictly respect all these tips – especially in a period of vacation and relaxation – should think that all the efforts made in this direction will help to spend a quiet holiday without the shock involving food poisoning and serious health risks involved.