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Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Children

Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Children
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Children learn to Interact: the union of play and relaxation

Children Yoga :- Parents looking for activities for their children who, in addition to amuse, have positive benefits for physical and mental development and for their health. Yoga for kids can be a good choice to join game with relaxation, concentration and balance.

Originating in India, the word yoga means ‘union’, union first with oneself (the child finds himself, learns to know himself), then with others (children learn to interact and communicate with their environment).

When can my child practicing yoga

Experts agree that the best age for a child to delve into yoga exercises is from 4 years. At that age, young and know exactly what to expect and want from them and already have the ability to perform and control certain body movements.

At that age, for children, the practice of yoga is a fun activity. However, thanks to yoga manage to forget the possible pressure or stress situations appear at school or at home and relax, taking a calm attitude, reducing tensions and facilitating their concentration and self-control. It also promotes their creative potential and enhance their talent.

Benefits of yoga for children

Yoga is recommended for all children activity. The search for balance and harmony is a good basis for that in the future the children to enjoy a happy and healthy adulthood.

Both the restless or active child and the shy or embarrassed, yoga helps to channel their energy and reaffirm their self-esteem. It will help the most active to learn to relax and concentrate more while also encourage quieter children lose their fear of others and open to the world around them.

Yoga, adapted to the child’s personality

Consequently, depending on the temperament of each child should be planned yoga classes with some types of exercises or other. You can not plan a standard yoga practice equal for all types of children, but first we need to study and analyze the temperament of each. It must take into account various characteristics which then influence the formation of a personality and a normal or target physical development. These features are: –

  1. Child’s activity level: frequency and speed of their movements.
  2. Regularity or irregularity in their physiological functions: sleep, hunger, etc.
  3. Reaction to new experiences as a new bedroom or living with strangers.
  4. Minimum force or stimulus necessary to get your attention for a new movement or activity.
  5. Energy expansion in expressing her emotions, moods, desires, hopes, etc.
  6. Ease with which diverts his attention from one activity to another by a peripheral stimulus.
  7. Time of uninterrupted attention to a simple activity like watching television or to a stand.

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Therefore yoga is a highly recommended activity for children, a game that favors their development in every way and helps you relax, concentrate and lead a quieter life now and in the future, while maintaining a positive attitude.