Coconut can increase Cholesterol?

Coconut can increase Cholesterol?
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Coconut and its derivatives, can increase Cholesterol?

The coconut and its derivatives are well known foods today for its power to improve health and also for its reputation as a thinner, yet their fat profile has always been controversial. Therefore, many question whether consumption can increase cholesterol.

Coconut, either fresh fruit, in its dehydrated version, grated or simply coconut oil or juice, are all high in saturated fat, perhaps because of that, many imagine that their intake can raise cholesterol in the body.

However, there are still controversial results regarding it, because although the coconut and its derivatives have a high proportion of saturated fat, cholesterol do not contribute at all and may have other good components for blood lipids.

Studies about

Among the scientific evidence we obtain different data, and while coconut oil has been associated with increased total cholesterol in a study, the increase was higher if there was excess cholesterol in the diet.

In another investigation it was known that cholesterol values vary by the influence of other factors, such as sex, because women intake of coconut oil itself raised blood cholesterol, while in general, no changes were observed significant.

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On the other hand, in rodents have been observed reductions in cholesterol and other blood lipids before the intake of virgin coconut oil, so that it can not confirm that the coconut and its derivatives raise cholesterol.

We can imagine that not be the same eaten fresh or grated coconut, with a high percentage of fiber coconut oil, whose fiber disappears and calories and fat are significantly concentrated.

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The best we can do is include coconut and its derivatives in the context of a balanced diet and consider that as all oils, coconut oil should be consumed in small amounts, while fresh fruit hardly present in excess in our diet .

Similarly, it can not verify that the coconut and its derivatives raise cholesterol in our body or saturated fats increase the risk of heart disease, so that we can enjoy these foods as part of a balanced diet, without any inconvenience.