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Complaints is Bad for the Brain of Children

Complaints is Bad for the Brain of Children
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Complaints is Bad :- Sure you know the person who constantly complains about everything: their children misbehave, your friends do not listen to him, their bosses do not consider you, your doctor does not listen, the bus is late, it’s cold, it’s hot .. .

It’s exhausting to listen to those people who complain all day about everything. Even when there is nothing to complain about, they always find a reason to. We tend to run away from them, and has a scientific explanation: exposure to negative people impairs brain function, lethargic and “dumbing down”. This also involves children, so if you walk bitching all before them, read this and then reflect.

Exposure to repeated complaints is bad for the brain Trevor Blake explained in “Three Simple steps: a map to success in business and life,” neuroscientists have learned to measure activity in the brain when faced with certain stimuli, including constant complaints.

Blake explains that the brain works like a muscle so if children are surrounded by negative and toxic people who constantly complain, tend to repeat this behavior.

Moreover, research conducted by the author shows that when someone, whether adult or child is overexposed to complaints may be “groggy”.

Only 30 minutes with someone negative or even watching a television with this type of content, makes the brain loses the capacity you need to solve a problem.

After complaints it rains because it’s hot

In our day to day we will find a thousand reasons to complain, however, they are thrown into the air these complaints are useless, then, why do it? –

Dissatisfaction: After complaints it rains because it’s hot or hides a deep grievance with your life, are people who do not find the good side of things.

Lack of empathy are people who feel being the center of the universe, they need and deserve more than the others and are not able to take the place of the other.

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Custom: the very whiny children are often children of parents who complain about everything. They assume that lament is part of everyday life, it is a hobby.

How to avoid people who constantly complain

To prevent such damage to the brain complaints of children, they “confuse” and even turn them into whiny children, we must teach them to defend themselves and get away from such people, how? Trevor Blake gives us a clue:

  1. Take away is the most practical measure, they should just turn around and look for a better company.
  2. Ask who complains to fix your problem: we can tell our children that made this question the complainer, “And you, what are you going to do about it.”
  3. Protective shield: make children think that when someone like imagine that the invisibility cloak Harry Potter, so that is isolated from what is happening around you and nothing you hear can affect sets.