Definition of Aesthetic Medicine

Definition of Aesthetic Medicine
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Definition of Aesthetic Medicine

The aesthetic factor and health are not two separate concepts as shown in the specialization of aesthetic medicine as a means to enhance the beauty of men and women. Putting this beauty in connection with the internal welfare of that person. This is a type of medicine that has advanced technology.

The types of treatment demanded by customers aesthetic medicine are those oriented facial rejuvenation. In such cases, a person who has visible signs of wrinkles can make the decision to undergo treatment to correct these lines and regain a more youthful appearance.

SURGICAL without intervention treatments

Similarly, aesthetic medicine also acts under the prevention field to increase the long-term welfare. Aesthetic medicine also offers solutions to remove stains and to treat acne and the scars it produces.

It should be pointed out that aesthetic medicine enhances the beauty of the patients, but through non-invasive treatments that do not require surgery. The patient enters the operating room to undergo surgery. Aesthetic medicine improves the external appearance of the patient.

One of the aesthetic medicine treatments currently most in demand is the fotodepilación, method for removing facial and body hair. Similarly, the peeling is a facial treatment that moisturizes the skin providing light to the face. It is a treatment less invasive than the lift as it does require surgery.

A center of aesthetic medicine is one that specializes in performing facial and body treatments aesthetic character. Through these treatments, the patient can improve your self-esteem through improved its image. Since there are occasions when a “imperfection” aesthetic, and produces complexed patient insecurity.

Factors influencing the health of the skin

The aesthetic medicine treatments are highly demanded because the health of the skin is not only influenced by genetics and the passage of time, but also by external and internal factors such as, for example, environmental pollution, lifestyle, one diet lacking in fruits and vegetables or lack of rest.

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Botox is one of the most demanded treatments of aesthetic medicine to correct wrinkles.