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Detoxify Your Body Before Starting A Diet

Detoxify Your Body Before Starting A Diet
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Before starting a diet and improve the quality of food you eat, it is necessary to desintoxicacion body.

This process will help you rid the body of toxins that are hindering your progress and also will launch your digestive system.

This does not mean to start with fasting and starvation, as this puts your body in a state of deprivation.

During a detox you will eat natural foods that will help the process and so it will be easier to lose weight. You should drink plenty of water to help the draining process and elimination of toxins.

How to Start A Cell Detox?

Many people try to start diets without detoxify the body to lose weight is important to know that these two activities go hand in hand.

Now more than ever we need to detoxify the body before attempting to lose weight.

It is a reality that we are living in a toxic era, with a lot of pollution in the environment and toxins in the foods we eat.

At this time in which we live and vegetarians are free from danger, especially if you are not buying organic food, which is grown without pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals-splashing during food crops.

Not only are toxic in food, we are further bombarded by a number of toxins and chemicals derived from cosmetics, beauty products, hair products, (men, I’m talking to you too!) To products such as toothpaste and mouthwash mouth containing chemicals that enter our body.

As the years pass, these toxins accumulate in the body and contribute to this age and gain weight.

Toxins are everywhere, we eat, the or breathe.

This is the main reason why we need good nutrition.

If our diet consists mostly of red meat, dairy, processed foods and refined sugars (as in sodas and commercial soft drinks) chances are that your body is full of toxins and so’re having problems with your weight.

You Toxins In Your Body?

Toxins and chemicals are stored in body fat, and although the liver is responsible for the draining and cleaning the body, the liver is overloaded with toxins and not work in the best way, which causes weight gain.

If you start a diet, without detoxified your body first, you may not receive the best results – For a simple reason. As I had mentioned earlier, we absorb a lot of toxins and chemicals daily, these chemicals are stored in fat, and if you start to lose fat these toxins are released into our system, putting ourselves at risk for other health problems.

To begin this process of cellular detoxification and start losing weight inmediatamente – You must eliminate from your daily diet:

Dairy products: Milk, cheese, ice cream and milk derivatives. Many people suffer from allergies to lactose unknowingly until they stop taking it for a few months and they realize the difference. The reason that milk derivatives are harmful to the body is containing casein, a milk protein that causes inflammation and irritation in the body.

Land animals: Red meat, pork, mutton. Mostly contain hormones, antibiotics (which damage the intestinal flora). To avoid eating red meat, you can eat more fish and animals sea.

Refined sugar: processed sugars, enlatas drinks, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners like Splenda, fructose corn syrup (better known as high fructose corn syrup, which is used to sweeten many foods that come in boxes, cans or processed). All these refined sweeteners don the cause of the high and low sugar levels in the body, problems with insulin, hunger, and anxiety suffered by many people, eating sugar all the time. To avoid refined sugars in our daily diet, it is recommended to use natural sweeteners like Stevia.

Refined carbohydrates: bread, white pasta, products made with white flour, these foods have similar effects to sugars and fats are stored as they are not properly disposed of.

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Detoxify the body is not about not eating anything and not give the body the nutrients it needs. Be sure to choose a routine to detoxify the body is full of natural foods, vegetables and fruits juices to keep your body well nourished in the days when you decide to detoxify.

After you have finished your detox plan you can maintain a healthy diet where you incorporate vegetable soups, salads, grains, fruits, vegetable juices and worldless of foods that are delicious, natural and healthy.