Emotional And Nervous Gastritis: What A Mistake!

Emotional And Nervous Gastritis: What A Mistake!
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When Gastritis is Emotional Nerve

Gastritis can also be emotional, as stress or anxiety can affect our stomach and form a both emotional and nervous gastritis.

It is characterized, in fact, being a more common emotional disorder which could originally thought, which ultimately ends up affecting our stomach and produce some identifiable and confusingly similar symptoms at times with so-called as irritable bowel syndrome or colon irritable.

As described in the post on gastritis, gastritis nerve itself is considered a disease that is generated in the digestive tract, particularly in the stomach, which suffers an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. But not for common causes such as the Helicobacter pylori bacteria but for reasons directly related to symptoms associated with emotions.

Inflammation of the gastric mucosa causes burning, burning, pain, acid, etc. These are just some of the symptoms that occur when the person suffers from this disease.

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However, returning back to what we were saying about gastritis, it is generated by the appearance of a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori and symptoms such as stress, anxiety, burnout, which are created in the course of the day to day, work and family responsibilities.

We have explained how it is generated, which agents are necessary for their appearance and have explained why appears. But the problem is when the disease becomes psychosomatic, when it is directly related to emotional attitudes.

Symptoms of nervous or emotional gastritis

  1. Abdominal pain, usually in the stomach.
  2. Heartburn.
  3. Stinging or burning.

Also emotional gastritis itself tends to be accompanied with more psychological or emotional symptoms, which ultimately are the ones that cause their appearance:

  1. Stress and anxiety.
  2. Nervousness.
  3. Emotional stress.

Treatment of Nervous Gastritis

It is considered that whether gastritis is an emotional as it is advisable to follow the same diet, a healthy diet and light, a soft diet that helps regulate symptoms and eat foods such as:

  • Rice
  • Vegetables
  • Soup
  • fruit
  • Soymilk or rice
  • Water

Besides food collaborating with improved gastritis, whether it is emotional, it is considered more sensitive, since they would have to keep a mental balance so that the body can recompose and so both parties are in line and the body to function regularly and healthily.