How to Enjoy Better Digestion

How to Enjoy Better Digestion
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Many people who say they have digestive problems and often becomes a chronic problem that we find difficult to bear. There is no variety of disorders of the digestive apparatus but the most common are: excessive gas, halitosis (bad breath), dyspepsia (slow and heavy digestion), bloating, constipation and heartburn.

Knowing what the best eating habits to facilitate this, besides making a smart choice and not whimsical what we got to the mouth, could not only eliminate these unpleasant discomfort but also help us have a better state of health.

Enjoying a Good Digestion

Many of the effects or symptoms of poor digestion are related. Normally if you have a heavy digestion was swollen abdomen, has flatulence, heartburn, halitosis and / or constipation. The causes can be varied ranging from stress or bad eating habits to a bad combination of food.

Many people already know that it is not advisable to mix carbohydrates with proteins, which fruit is best taken only twenty minutes before each meal or two hours later and it’s better to drink fluids a while before eating or after completion of digestion to not hinder it .

They are some of the combinations base, but there are many more to be studied and especially observe how our body reacts to different mixtures. It is best to mix as little as possible and if there is to mix families that are common food. In short, single fruits, vegetables with carbohydrates, vegetables with protein and healthy fats accompanying both.

Best Organic Products

We should avoid foods with saturated fats to balance excess omega 6 and flee the consumption of industrial fats. We must learn to distinguish between beneficial fats and harmful fats.

Healthy fats are rich in omega 9 and omega 3 as olive oil, linseed oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, avocado, sesame, flax, coconut, almonds or walnuts.

It would also be advisable to eliminate the consumption of refined sugars and flours or white pasta (including candy, cakes and dishes made with these ingredients). Tender to take natural sugars like honey or sugar cane integral. If we sweeteners be demanding, pure Stevia is the best choice.

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If possible all foods should be integral and organic. This is what makes the difference between eating healthy and eating poison with the consequences for digestion.

Raw food supply

Nor abusing coffee, alcohol or soft drinks and if possible isolate the digestive process. Juices and drinks without added sugar better and that the basis of our hydration is the mineral water. Help after eating with chamomile tea, mint is much more digestible than taking a coffee with milk.

Take a good portion of raw vegetables in salad. In fact 75% of the diet should be raw food. Fresh vegetables have many enzymes necessary for digestion. High temperatures when cooking complete with enzymes. Nor they help us frozen foods.

Convenient consume some fermented products to maintain and repopulate the intestinal flora. The homemade yogurt are very valid products for this purpose, but it is also possible to ferment vegetables to use their properties. Or legumes can be sprouted seeds by hand.

There are other factors such as relaxation, concentration, rest, consumption of enzyme supplements, help with Probiotics or exercise, which we will discuss in a future article.