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How to get a Home Manicure Nails Step by Step

How to get a Home Manicure Nails Step by Step
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Manicure Nails Step by Step

Manicure :- Whether at a social gathering or in the workplace, sure you want to reveal your nails groomed and love them. And how many times have observed his fingers nervously as lacan her fingernails one by one in the beauty salon? Here are tips for perfect to save costs and look beautiful while home manicure.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to classrooms and learn how to get a manicure in the luxury of your own home. Beautifying and nail care does not have to be expensive. With a little practice you will see fast results while acquiring the skills of the trade. Below you will discover the steps that must be followed when home manicures.

Tools required

Arrange the following tools on a tray or desk. You will need a remover of nail varnish without acetone, cotton, nail clippers, nail brush soft nails, cotton swabs as Q-Tips, lotion cuticles, a mild cleaning agent, a pumice stone, a polisher, chopsticks orange manicure, varnish base and enamel, warm water in a bowl and salts or aromatic oils.

Steps for Manicure

Remove the previous varnish

Pour some non-acetone polish remover in cotton and click on each nail to remove the varnish previously applied. Do it with movements directed from bottom to top and ensure that the cuticle remover and do not touch. The remaining traces of enamel can remove them by an orange stick wrapped in cotton soaked in nail polish remover.


Use a nail file: emery hold the right way against the free edge of the nail and file direction towards the tip. Avoid filing in again and repeatedly address. Limar deeply iron out the sides or in the opposite direction to the tip can cause problems in the cuticle.

Shaping nails

The edge or cuticle present in the base of the nail is the guide to shape. The oval shape of the moon or cuticle is ideal for the free edge of the nail figure.

The pointed toes easily broken edges and edges with square figure look good on long fingers. Give shape your nails according to the length and thickness of your fingers.

Apply cuticle Cream

Experts disapprove stylists use cuticle removers as these contain chemicals that can damage the area. A Cuticle cream or lotion can also smooth edge area of the nail.

Moisten nails

Mix a detergent with warm water and soak your fingers in it for about 10 minutes or cleaning agent. This procedure softens cuticles and removes any dirt on nails, including filing dust. You can also include a few drops of aromatic oils or ½ teaspoon salt bath to enjoy a relaxing experience.

Remove dead skin

Use a soft brush to exfoliate dead skin from the tip of the nail brush. The procedure must be very delicate and careful. At the end wash and dry your hands.


Moisten your hands in water before using pumice. This serves to smooth the edges of the nails: removes dead skin, stains the fingers and provides a soft touch.

After washing and drying hands, use an orange stick wrapped in cotton to remove cuticles. Use your care product preferred to soften hands after using pumice.

Trim nails

Trim only stepfathers or nail skins. The delicate edge of the base of the nail should not be cut, as doing so may prevent the growth of the nail.

Clean the area under the fingernails

Orange sticks wrapped in cotton (also used for cleaning teeth) can be used to clean the accumulated dirt in the area under the fingernails. Moisten your nails before you can facilitate the process. If encountering stubborn stains, you can soak the orange stick hydrogen peroxide to clean deeper. Wash and dry hands.

Nail polish

The appearance and movement of nails can be improved considerably giving brightness with a polisher. It is important to do it in one direction (this prevents the nail is hot). If you want to apply more shine on the nails, use a polishing paste jewelry. However, avoid this if you just want to paint your nails: nail fails to adhere to the nail when it is covered by a jewelry polisher.

Preparation for enamel

The selection of the basecoat, color and topcoat must be done before starting the process. Apply a coat of varnish base to provide a smooth surface color. The foundation also aims to protect nails against the effect of chemical enamel color. The free edges of the nail should also be covered by the base.

Shake the colored glaze before use. Insert the brush enamel rotate while soaking in the liquid and wring it against the edge of the vial to avoid excess.

A stroke for each side and a line for the center should suffice. Avoid painting the cuticle and use small amounts of paint to avoid unnecessary layer thickness. You can use a match to remove any amount applied by mistake on the cuticle or the sides of the finger. Wait for the first coat to dry completely before continuing. Complete with an outer layer to prevent cracking of the color layer. Let dry completely outer layer. Now you can admire your perfect manicure and let others admire your nails too.