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How To Make New Remedies For Common Ailments

How To Make New Remedies For Common Ailments
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Health: New Remedies for Common Ailments

Health Problems :- The most innovative approaches to common health problems such as muscle aches, varicose veins, bronchitis and bone discomfort therapies. Part of the population laments periodically suffer some discomfort, that when they are not chronic, are not as difficult to solve.

Remedies for Inflammations

Tendinitis in the elbow

Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendons in children and young people often derived from carrying heavy backpacks on your back. The tecar therapy is a novel technique which stimulates tissue activating energy power flows body.

Also they are used injections of blood from the same patient in the inflamed area, since proteins accelerate healing of tissues.

Ankle sprains

If discomfort in the ankle are not well healed, they can create early osteoarthritis. Arthroscopy is one of the most innovative and minimally invasive techniques. Through probes it is possible to see the joints, without intervention.

Back pain

The novelty is neurodynamics, manual therapy through sliding and compression techniques allows nerve recovery.

Varicose veins

Endolaser is being used, a recent laser technique, which allows the patient to quickly return to regular life, with the only precaution of using a special stocking for ten days.

Therapies for Bone Discomfort

Bone deformation greater toe

A mini-invasive technique is applied with local anesthesia that lasts only 15 minutes. Leaves no scar and the patient almost immediately he walks with a special half.


Meniscal injuries are common in athletes and the elderly by a degeneration of the meniscus.

Today it is to avoid using physiotherapy intervention in water.

Hip Osteoarthritis

It is a degenerative hip disease presenting with groin pain or buttock and dims only with rest.

Attention: Arthritis And Osteoarthritis: Differences

Micro prosthetics intervention in saving bone tissue are used, reduce pain and surgical complications, the patient can recover quickly.

Tips as remedies for heart and lungs

Bronchitis in children, in addition to environmental pollution, can cause a diet low in fruits and vegetables and increased childhood obesity. Adipose tissue modifies the thoracic and lung capacity to dilate properly.

Help heart five basic culinary tips: short cooking procedures, replacing salt with spices, abundant fish, whole wheat pasta and olive oil.

Some of the techniques mentioned are not available in all countries, but with the advances of science and technology, is expected to soon be available to everyone.