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Carbohydrates, the star in the sports diet

Carbohydrates, the star in the sports diet
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For a long time it was decided to declare war on carbohydrates by many people looking to lose those extra kilos. In fact there are many who still training hard have stopped eating carbohydrates, which is at odds and can not, and hydrates should be an important part in the diet of every athlete.

It is true that an excess of carbohydrates can be counter productive to our body. To this must be added the quality of them, but if we do sport regularly be required to be present in our diet in order to face the routines in the best way.

The process of obtaining energy

First, it is very important that we consider muscle function when training. Generally strength training are based on the heavy lifting in a short period of time, so that the muscles need immediate energy, which is what is called explosive energy. This is obtained from the accumulated glucose in the body, not fat reserves.

The process of obtaining this energy is simple, for it is necessary to have a good load of glucose, which is where we will draw the instant energy. The problem is when we do not, because the body will get that energy from fat, but it is a slower process and will not cover the immediate demand, so the muscles will not respond in the appropriate manner against the exercise.

Loads body glucose

The load contains glucose from carbohydrates that we ingest through food. Especially simple carbohydrates that the body assimilates quickly and makes available. It is true that if we exercise is better to carry out a load of glucose just an hour or hour and a half before practice for muscles have the energy to respond.

Simple and complex carbohydrates

To achieve this perfect load hydrates best are simple. If instead we want a constant for the rest of the day or other activity that requires explosive strength as aerobic exercise power, better dip complex carbohydrates that the body assimilates slowly and released slowly. Thus we avoid a high load of glucose that if we do not consume the body will accumulate as fat.

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As simple carbohydrates highlight refined flours we find in the normal bread, regular pasta or rice among others. Complex carbohydrates find them in whole grains in all its varieties.