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Jackfruit, A Very Nutritious Fruit

Jackfruit, A Very Nutritious Fruit
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Jackfruit is good and beneficial to health all know, and how important it is to eat fruit regularly in the diet. In this case we want to stop a still a less known in our country, but has plenty of properties for the body. This is the jackfruit or more popularly known as jackfruit.

Jackfruit is a fruit of India, but namely Bangladesh, but because of its sweet taste, quickly spread throughout India and Asia. Hence, it is a type of fruit and widespread in our country. Therefore this time we want to stop in its main properties, then you can consider this fruit as a super food for all that we will bring without even realizing.

Vitamin A in large quantities

If we focus on general features we can emphasize that offers a series of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and carbohydrates. That is, we have before us a loaded food benefits that can not be overlooked under any circumstances. Above all we will stop at the high intake of vitamin A that gives us needed to maintain tissue in perfect condition, specifically with regards to the skin and eyes.

Vitamin C

It also should be noted its high vitamin C intake, because it is a fruit that contains high doses, and this makes it a powerful antioxidant that will help us to maintain cells in perfect condition, and protected from external attacks.


Within the scope of minerals we will highlight the amounts that gives us calcium. Containing quantities can be equated with milk, making it a perfect ally to maintain strong bones. To this we must add the effect that vitamins such as C have time to be absorbed by the body and utilized. Being a food that meets both nutrients, calcium absorption will be much better.

Rich in protein

But we must not forget that this fruit is well known for its high content of vegetable protein and a great biological value. This makes it a food highly valued by athletes because carbohydrates also provides good quality, which will be very suitable for the energy and strength needed to carry out the exercise. Especially if you eat the cooked seeds get more protein than legumes such as lentils.

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Fiber through a tube

Finally we will stop in their high amounts of fiber, which will help us to keep body in perfect condition, free of toxins, as well as help to improve diet and thereby the assimilation of nutrients such as fats or sugars, as it will maintain a perfect levels of the same blood.