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You know what 5 Fruits with Fewer Calories?

You know what 5 Fruits with Fewer Calories?
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Surely many times have you heard that fruit also “fat”. To start with this, we can say that the fruit is not fattening, but it gives us all food calories as fat and or not depends on our daily caloric balance.
From here, of course there are more caloric than others and forth from fruits doubt today we want to have what the 5 fruits with fewer calories that you can include in your low calorie diet.
Fruit consumption is essential in a good balanced diet, in fact we should all take from 2 to 4 pieces per day. The choice depends on many things: season where we are, tastes, price and, of course, for many of their caloric intake.
Choose fruit that we provide good nutrients and fewer calories than others is possible and also very easy, if you take a look at this list of low calorie fruits that we propose today in Viton.
1. Watermelon summer fruit par excellence whose caloric intake is only 16kcal / 100g. As you can see a very low caloric intake. Besides being a refreshing when the heat tighten option, watermelon is a fruit rich in water and fiber. But besides this it is a fruit rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and potassium and contains lycopene, an antioxidant against cellular oxidation. From now on let no one say that watermelon is just water!
2. Grapefruit Your caloric intake is somewhat higher than in the case of watermelon, but still very low as 100g 25kcal Grapefruit only provide so it is a good ally for breakfast and snacks low in calories. In addition to its low calorie grapefruit is a source of calcium, vitamins A B and C, iron and phosphorus. If you love the slightly bitter citrus flavors, choose to take a grapefruit a day is a perfect choice of low calorie fruit.
3. Papaya You can question one of the fruits of the list, by origin, is less known or even consumed each day has more acceptance in our diets. Papaya is a very tasty fruit and grapefruit like only provides 25kcal / 100g. In addition to being a source of vitamins, minerals and folic acid, eating papaya it is even more interesting because of the presence of digestive enzymes that help us with our intestinal flora and to better assimilate nutrients.
4. Lemon It is citric par excellence and their caloric intake is 29kcal / 100g. Antioxidant, rich in vitamin C, iron, copper, potassium and also flattering of alkalizing our body. A perfect choice for lovers of citrus.
5. Strawberries Although always associate the consumption of this fruit accompanied with sweet or sugar and cream desserts, the reality is that strawberries are naturally taken one of the most delicious and less caloric intake we have fruits.