Nettle and Lemon Remedy to end Anemia

Nettle and Lemon Remedy to end Anemia
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Anemia is a decrease in hemoglobin levels in blood. It can be caused by an iron deficiency or be a symptom of some health disorder.

It can cause us symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss , so should control it before it becomes worse.

In this article we present an ancient herbal remedy nettle and lemon, two medicinal ingredients, allowing you to prevent and treat anemia naturally.

Control Anemia

If we suspect that can suffer anemia, for example, feel more tired than usual for no reason, it is essential realize ourselves blood tests and see a doctor to discover the source of the problem.

Anemia may respond to different causes, such as nutritional deficiencies, or be related to a health problem that should be ruled out.

The doctor will take care to make the diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment, depending on the type and severity of anemia and its cause. Beware iron supplements

If we consider taking an iron supplement, we must know the possible side effects as it can cause oxidation that causes us discomfort and digestive problems.

To prevent, or if the anemia is not severe, it is always preferable to increase consumption of iron-rich foods, such as green leafy vegetables, beans, beets, parsley, pollen or alfalfa.

If we are to take an iron supplement, we improve their assimilation when combined with vitamin C.


Nettle is a plant that grows wild and, despite not knowing much as food, is an edible plant with which can be made soups and creams.

A medical level, its most common use is in infusion or as a supplement. You can collect pollution-free zones, provided with suitable gloves. His stinging feature disappears when cooked or dried.

Nettle is rich in vitamins and minerals, including iron stands.

It noted for its digestive, liver and diuretic properties, so it is an excellent remedy to cleanse the body in general.

In this regard, in addition to correct any nutritional deficiencies, it will also help us to cleanse the body to treat any disorder.

The lemon

Lemon can not miss on any treatment because it helps us to enhance the cleansing of the body while improving the absorption of nutrients.

In this case, the lemon is rich in vitamin C, which enhances iron absorption in foods that we consume.

We recommend always choose organic lemons and grated peel use your infusions, desserts, sauces, salads, etc.

We can also freeze for use when needed.

How to seize the nettle and lemon to end anemia?

Given its many benefits, we can combine both ingredients in a single remedy to help us to alleviate the effects of anemia.


  • 5 tablespoons of dried nettle (50 g)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 liter of water preparation

To prepare the remedy will follow the following steps:

We will put the water to boil and, when the first boil, will quench the fire and add the nettle.

We will cover the bowl and leave to infuse for 5 minutes. Then colaremos.

We shall squeeze lemon and add it to the infusion.

We can sweeten the tea with a little honey or stevia.

How do we take?

We will take this drink throughout the day, the better off meals. We can drink, for example, two glasses fasting, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon.

We consume it for fifteen days to increase iron levels and prevent and treat anemia.

After these two weeks, we can take a cup of this tea a day, maintenance mode. Women can also take during the days of menstruation to compensate for the loss of iron.

To enhance the effects of this treatment should get used to add a splash of lemon juice to meals, as this will help us improve the absorption of iron.

Crude parsley is also excellent seasoning as it contains vitamin C and iron in good quantities.

We must emphasize that this remedy, being very purifying, may cause some temporary discomfort, such as headaches or mild temporary rashes, which disappear without greater importance.