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Peas, something more than a simple green food

Peas, something more than a simple green food
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When we talk about almost nobody peas usually take seriously this tiny food that is often used as a garnish almost always when preparing food. Precisely why this time we want to emphasize this, because we want to publicize the benefits of this food which is very useful in any weight control diet or sports, because contribution is high nutritional against the heat.

Above all we will highlight the importance as antioxidant, as we provide plenty of vitamins and minerals required for the proper functioning of the body. Therefore first of all we say that it is important to start considering peas as a food that should become prominent at our table when being a main course and not just a garnish.

Antioxidants tube

As mentioned above peas bring us plenty of antioxidants among which highlight the alpha- and beta carotene carotene. Moreover we provide polyphenols as coumestrol almost exclusively found in peas and that is causing it is an anti-inflammatory food, as well as help to protect the cell state. But not only their contribution is just that, because we also provide vitamins E and C, which are potent antioxidants cell.

Its mineral content is also high, and therefore we can not overlook the amount of zinc that will give us, and it will have on the body antioxidant and an equally protective effect.

High quality protein

On the other hand we can not ignore the contribution of high biological value proteins provide us, and that is why they become a nutrient that may be present in all types of diets. To this must be added the high amounts of fiber that gives us and will help us to keep the body purified and free of toxins and that will help us keep blood sugar levels in check.

An ally of the heart

Among its components is the omega-3 fatty acid that will give us in good quantities and will help us maintain a circulatory system in perfect condition. But we also help in different ways to achieve a healthier heart, as we provide folic acid and B vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and B6, which make the heart stronger and regenerate the cells of the same .

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Low calorie

To this must be added its low calorie, which is very low, so they are ideal for diets or maintenance, as they also have a high satiating power that will make us stop being hungry. In addition, it is an easily asimilable and digestive food, which greatly facilitate the digestion of the same, making the metabolism stays accelerated and in perfect condition.